Lyovision offers a comprehensive solution for tracking product changes throughout the freeze-drying cycle. Equipped with an Industrial HD camera, our PLC captures snapshots of the product at predetermined intervals while simultaneously collecting crucial process data. Our cutting-edge Lyovision software seamlessly maps these images and process data based on their timestamps, providing a clear and precise overview of the entire cycle.

LyoVision Your Window into the Freeze-Drying Cycle

Feature Highlights

With Lyovision's user-friendly interface, navigating through the images and studying product changes has never been easier. A simple and intuitive UI allows users to click on any point in the plot, instantly loading the corresponding data points and images in a clean and organized manner. This streamlined approach enhances your analysis and accelerates decision-making.

To facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the process, Lyovision's software proactively identifies any missing data or images, ensuring you have a complete and accurate representation of the freeze-drying cycle. This valuable feature eliminates potential gaps in your analysis and enhances the reliability of your results.

For a more dynamic and synchronized examination of process changes, Lyovision offers a convenient slideshow option. By enabling this feature, you can observe the transition of your product in a slow and controlled manner, further aiding in the identification of critical variations and trends.

Importantly, Lyovision is fully compliant with 21CFR regulations, guaranteeing adherence to rigorous industry standards. This compliance ensures the integrity and reliability of your data, supporting regulatory requirements and maintaining your peace of mind.

Product Highlights

Comprehensive freeze-drying cycle tracking solution
Industrial HD camera captures product snapshots at predetermined intervals
Simultaneous collection of crucial process data for enhanced analysis
Cutting-edge Lyovision software seamlessly maps images and process data
User-friendly interface for easy navigation and studying of product changes
Intuitive UI with click-to-view functionality for quick access to data points and images
Proactive identification of missing data or images for a complete analysis
Slideshow feature for dynamic and synchronized examination of process changes
Fully compliant with 21CFR regulations, ensuring industry-standard adherence (optional)

Applicable Models