The LyoXL is a pilot production model with a shelf area of up to 2.8m2 and a large condenser capacity. This model was crafted with precision in the USA and built with state-of-the-art technology in India, providing excellent value for its price. The standard features include a PC/PLC and SCADA control system, with both automatic and manual cycles for freeze drying. The user-friendly software comes equipped with recipe management, automatic leak testing, and a system test. Graphical and numerical batch reports are easily stored for future reference. The interactive maintenance screen makes it simple to attend to necessary maintenance. The system can also be remotely accessed with customer permission for any troubleshooting needs. All models come with standard documentation, including FAT/SAT IQ/OQ.

Performance Highlights

Feature Specification
Shelf area 1.67m2 to 2.8m2
Shelf Assembly Bulk or Stoppering
Shelf Temperature Range -60oC to +65oC
Shelf Size 18” x 24”
Vapour Port 8”
Condenser Temp -85oC
Condenser Capacity 50 kg
Condenser Capacity ( 24 Hours ) 30 kg
Ultimate Vacuum 10 mT
Vacuum Control Automatic
Backfill Automatic
Control System PC, PLC, and SCADA
Cabinet Size 63” W x 52” D x 87” H
1600 W x 1300 D x 2200 h (mm)
Power Supply 415V/50Hz/3 Phase/20 HP

Capacity Highlights

Bulk Loading

Depth 6 Shelves 7 Shelves 8 Shelves 9 Shelves 10 Shelves
10mm 16.7 Ltrs 19.5 22.3 25.1 27.8
15mm 25 29.2 33.4 37.6 41.8

Vial Capacity and Shelf Spacing

Feature 6 Shelves 7 Shelves 8 Shelves 9 Shelves 10 Shelves
Shelf Area 1.67 m2 1.95 m2 2.23 m2 2.51 m2 2.79 m2
Spacing 114mm 95mm 82mm 71mm 63mm
2ml Nos 6900 8000 9200 10000 11500
10ml Nos 2800 3300 3800 4300
20ml Nos 1900 2200 2500
50ml Nos 750 900 1000
100ml Nos 500 600

Approximate, actuals may vary as per the Vial Diameter

Construction Highlights

Control System

PLC and SCADA based Controls
Ethernet platform for extremely fast hardware connectivity
Automatic Recipe management
Graphic and Numeric data Collection
Report Generation

Shelf System

Upto 2.8 m2 Shelf area
Large Capacity Shelf area for more productivity
Bulk or Hydraulic Stoppering
High capacity Stoppering Pressure for 2ml Vials
All Contact Parts SS316L

Refrigeration System

Highly reliable scroll Compressors
Cascade Design
Water Cooled condenser
CFC Free refrigerants

Condenser System

External Condenser with Exposed Coil Design
Hot Gas Defrost
Large Vapour Port 8 Inch

Vacuum System

Pirani based Vacuum Sensor
Vacuum Level control
Gas backfill
35 m3/h Two Stage Vacuum Pump
Isolation valve

Optional Features

Capacitance Manometer
PVCM and barometric End Point Software (Learn More)
Proportional Vacuum Control
Clean In Place (Learn More)
Liquid Nitrogen Trap (Learn More)
Filter Seal Trays
Stainless Steel doors
Clean Room Design
Isolator Interface (Learn More)
21CFR Part 11 Compliance
Dual Vacuum Pumps
Dry Vacuum Pump
Up to 12 Product Probes
VHP Sterilization (Learn More)
Controlled Nucleation (Learn More)
LyoVision (Learn More)
Online Eutectic Measurement (Learn More)
Online E-Freeze Measurement (Learn More)