The LyoALS is a cutting-edge loading and unloading solution is designed to handle high volumes of vials with ease, boasting an impressive loading speed of 400 vials per minute and an extraordinary unloading speed of 600 vials per minute. With its versatile customization options, including site layout flexibility and vial size adaptability, the LYOALS can be tailored to fit your unique production requirements. Powered by a sophisticated control system from Siemens and featuring a user-friendly interface, this system ensures reliable operation and adherence to international standards. Furthermore, its customizable design allows for seamless integration into your facility, supporting various vial sizes and offering options such as buffer conveyors and turntables for optimized workflow.

Construction Highlights

Control System

PLC and SCADA based Controls
Ethernet platform for extremely fast hardware connectivity
Automatic Recipe management

Optional Features

Multi row Buffer Conveyers
Buffer Turn Table
Positive Diversion System
Vial Traceability
Moisture Sensor based Rejection System
Change parts for all Vial Sizes
Isolator or CRAB Interface
21CFR Part 11 Compliance
VP, NVP and Petri Dish Provision
Multi Pocket Loading