A thermovacuum chamber, also known as a thermal vacuum chamber or space simulation chamber, is a specialized enclosure used for testing and simulating extreme temperature and pressure conditions encountered in space or other harsh environments. These chambers play a crucial role in various industries, including aerospace, electronics, and research.

Thermovacuum chambers are designed to create a controlled environment where temperature, pressure, and vacuum conditions can be precisely regulated and reproduced. They are used to assess the performance and behavior of various components, materials, and systems under realistic operating conditions.

The primary purpose of a thermovacuum chamber is to subject test specimens to a combination of high and low temperatures in a vacuum environment. This simulates the extreme temperature swings experienced in space or other demanding conditions. By exposing components to such conditions, engineers can evaluate their thermal stability, mechanical integrity, and overall functionality.

Performance Highlights

Feature Specification
Temperature -60oC to 125oC
-110oC to 165oC
Vacuum Upto 1 x 10-6 mbar
Chamber Size Customised
Thermal Plate Customised
Condenser Temp -85oC
Refrigeration System Cascade Design
Liquid Nitrogen Cooling
Vacuum Control Automatic
Control System PC, PLC, and SCADA
Power Supply 415/50Hz/3 Phase

General Specifications

Cylindrical Diameter 0.4m2 to 4.0m2
Rectangular - As per the customer requirements
Dependable Redundancy Options for Vacuum and Temperature
Vacuum Level up to 1 x 10-6 mbar
Thermal Plate and Shroud temperature up to -70°C with built-in Cascade Refrigeration System or Ultra Low Temperature with LN2
Heating up to 165°C with built-in Heating System
Multi-Level Data Acquisition for Vacuum and Temperature
Compact Design
Customized Specifications
Customized Layout and Dimensions
Uni-Frame Design - All in one Frame
Wide Range of Chambers - Cylindrical and Rectangular
Fully automated and SCADA-based control Systems