Introducing Lyo Group, the most reputable pharmaceutical freeze dryer manufacturer in India. With an unwavering focus on quality and innovation, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge freeze-drying solutions that will meet the ever-increasing demand of the healthcare sector.

Founded in 2003 by a team of technocrats and visionaries, our goal is to deliver high-performance pharmaceutical freeze dryers that ensure optimal preservation of crucial drugs while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and minimal operating cost. Some of the features of this product include:

  • Cascade refrigeration system
  • Condenser Temperature: -85oC
  • PLC System with Touch Panel
  • Total Condensing capacity of 12Kg in 24 hours
  • Automatic defrost system


The unit includes a slew of features and capabilities which can be included according to the specific requirements of the user. With modernisation and increased demand for quality healthcare facilities, the demand for freeze dryers in the pharmaceutical industry has increased manifold over the years. Keeping that in mind, we adhere to strict regulatory standards that ensure every unit we deliver meets the highest degree of safety, performance, and reliability.


What keeps us ahead of the curve as a premier pharmaceutical freeze dryer manufacturer in India is the undivided focus on our clients. We emphasise open communication, prompt response, and transparent business policies to ensure we not only deliver quality-driven products but also enhance their overall experience with us. The ease of conducting business has helped us earn the confidence of customers over the years, which includes Aragen, HTBS, Alembic, Gland, Akums, Glenmark, Granules, etc. Currently, we serve the needs of over 300 clients, completed over 800 projects to date, and have a team of over 100 engineers on standby who work tirelessly to challenge established norms and explore new benchmarks. Go ahead, join hands with the most sought-after pharmaceutical freeze dryer manufacturer in India and open the door to new possibilities.

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