Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer Manufacturer

Lyo Group is a top-rated PHARMACEUTICAL FREEZE DRYER MANUFACTURER in India with a presence in India and across the world. With 300-plus customers, 800-plus completed projects, and 20-plus years of unmatched experience in the field, we have created a brand for ourselves in delivering high-quality dry-freezing solutions for clients from various industries, mainly from the research and pharma sectors.

These machines are developed to preserve the integrity of the drug and other associated components used to synthesise it. It preserves the structural and biological integrity of the material by drying it, minimising the effect of heat or moisture. Our product range includes Lyoquanta Product Range, Lyoxl Pilot Range, Lyomax Research Range, Lyolab Range, Lyofreeze Lab Range, etc.

We have built a team of 100-plus service engineers who bring years of experience to the table and deliver top-notch results every time. Every material and component we use are tested and validated to ensure they serve their purpose and help companies improve their scope over time.

We welcome you to become a part of the most successful PHARMACEUTICAL FREEZE DRYER MANUFACTURER in the business, contact our team today!

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Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer Manufacturer