The LyoFreeze is a floor standing manifold freeze dryer with a -85oC condenser model. The unit includes a microprocessor-based compact PLC control system that displays the vacuum and condenser temperature. The cylindrical chamber has an open-able door for easy cleaning, with an internal condenser coil made of SS316L. The chamber volume is 30 liters, and there is a drain provision and silicon rubber gasket. The LyoFreeze uses a cascade refrigeration system with a high stage of 2HP and low stage of 1HP, with high efficiency BPHE SS316. The condenser temperature is -85oC, with a total condensing capacity of 12 kgs in 24 hours. The vacuum can pump down to 100mT in 30 minutes. The control system has a touch-based PLC system with a one-touch start that turns on the refrigeration system and automatically turns on the vacuum pump once the condenser is below -40oC. The LyoFreeze also includes a chemical-resistant capacitance manometer, a thermocouple condenser temperature sensor, a vacuum release valve, and hot gas defrosts.

Construction Highlights

Chamber System

Cylindrical Chamber with Openable Door for Easy Cleaning
Internal Condenser Coil
MOC of the Chamber and Coils are SS316L
Silicon Rubber Gasket
Drain Provision
Chamber Volume 30 liters

Refrigeration System

Cascade Refrigeration System
Hi Stage 2HP and Lo Stage 1HP
Hi Stage R404A/R407 and Lo Stage R23, CFC Free Refrigerants
Condenser Temperature: -85oC
Total Condensing Capacity 12 Kgs in 24 Hours
Air Cooled

Control System

PLC System with Touch Panel
Chemical Resistant Capacitance Manometer
Condenser Temperature Indication
Ambient Temperature Indication
Automatic Defrost System

Power and Size

Cabinet Size 44"W x 40"D x 40"H (inch)
1100 W x 1000 D x 1000H (mm)
Power Supply 230V/50Hz/1 Phase/4 HP